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Premenstrual Syndrome: Facts and Fictions

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a group of symptoms that occur before or during someone’s period. Symptoms range from irritability and depression to food cravings and anything in-between. Oftentimes, PMS signs and symptoms can be discounted as a woman being ‘moody.’ In fact, people go as far as to dismiss PMS as even being a real thing. That being said, Nivi is here to tackle the myths and reaffirm the facts!

1) PMS is all in your head.

FICTION: PMS is the real deal. A combination of some or all the symptoms like irritability, fatigue, anxiety, and feelings of sadness can all be causes of PMS before or during your period. PMS can be due to hormone levels changing because your bodies hormone levels readapt when your body realizes you’re not pregnant. So, next time you get upset for what seems like a nonsensical reason, know that your feelings are valid and will eventually pass!

2) There are certain minerals and vitamins to take to help ease PMS Symptoms

FACT: Calcium and Vitamin C have been proven to help ease PMS Symptoms like cramping, irritability, bloating, anxiety and fatigue. You can find calcium and Vitamin C in supplements, but if you’d prefer to incorporate it into your diet try foods like milk, cheese, and yogurt for calcium, and citrus fruits, green vegetables, and white potatoes for vitamin C!

3) PMS affects everyone that menstruates.

FICTION: If you don’t experience any symptoms of PMS that’s totally okay, matter of fact, you should consider yourself lucky! Not all women experience this, but it definitely doesn’t mean the women that do should be discredited.

4) My feelings and symptoms are valid despite what anyone says!

FACT: No matter what anyone says that tries to downplay your feelings or disregards your symptoms, know that what you’re feeling is real and valid! Despite myths that people may say regarding PMS not being ‘real,’ there is plenty of evidence that proves otherwise. Just remember to take it easy, try eating lots of calcium and vitamin C and get some rest. The symptoms will be over in no time.

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